A search engine better than Google

When Google first came out, people were looking for answers to their search queries on websites.

Most people still do, but there’s no denying the shift to a conversational interface to get authentic answers.

Google is always trying to get better at giving the best results to their users.

Evolving algorithms on ranking pages and also providing introductory answers on search result pages are some of the few techniques they’ve deployed.

All of this requires websites to push extremely hard to get their content on the first page of Google since most users don’t go beyond the first page. That could mean a lot of good and authentic content could go unnoticed for years.

“The best place to find a dead body is on the second page of Google search results”

We’ve observed a shift towards peer to peer interaction over the last few years, where people get authentic responses to their queries.

While Quora has done a great job through its platform and A2As, it is also filled with people trying to pitch themselves or their products through their answers.

Enter, Twitter

We noticed, over the years, the authenticity that Twitter brings about as a social channel.

More and more people are shifting to asking questions on Twitter about day to day life and work.

Which is why we think twitter is a better “search engine” in today’s date.

With the right and enough following, it can be used as a brilliant network to learn from and advice on.

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We are doing this because we think other than your regular to-do lists, you should have something interesting to look forward to each day of your lives.

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