For most of us, a good rinse once a day is more than sufficient. But sometimes our skin needs more than just the routine based rinse. To revive it and make our skin glow from within we have to find products that give us our best result. A simple wash off is a necessity but have you thought of a good pamper with a proper body scrub? If not, you are surely missing out on something great. The benefits of scrubbing are immense. A lot of people even hold the misconception that scrubbing is only meant for oily or combination skin. Scrubbing actually benefits dry skin as well. Scrubs are even made for different kinds of body skin. There are scrubs for oily skin, acne prone skin, dry and flaky skin and so many in its kind. So don’t shy away from a good body scrub especially if it offers dewy and soft skin. If done once a week with the best products at hand you will see  results almost immediately. A body scrub helps exfoliate and basically remove the top dead skin layer, and is recommended once a week. Using a loofah and dry brushing gently increases blood circulation throughout the skin making it regenerate from within. Using a body scrub leaves the skin feeling soft and also smell amazing. So we have rounded up the best in this lot.

Tree Hut Shea-Sugar Scrub, $8

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Anyone would be lying if they said this range of products did not work. The ratings are the highest on any beauty site and this scrub is on every list of best body scrubs. The phrase glowing skin comes to life with this particular scrub. The scrub consists of Moroccan oil, rose oil, shea butter and even primrose oil, all of them consist of anti ageing properties. It leaves the skin feeling unimaginably soft and smooth and reinstates the original texture of the skin. Also, it has a delicious rose fragrance which will leave you feeling like a million bucks.  

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub, $17

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This one I had personally seen all over Instagram and why not? The coffee looking like Scrub is an Australian brand and has been a favourite in the beauty cult. It is loosely packed and the scrub almost looks and completely smells like ground coffee. It consists of actual cacao extracts or coffee beans which exfoliate along with almond oil, Vitamin E side by side helping to replenish the skin. The coffee tightens the skin and reduces fine lines and has anti-ageing properties. If you check any beauty site for the reviews almost in every review you’ll see the keywords, smooth, organic and glowing. What’s not to love?

Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish, $36

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Higher in the price range, this body polish or sugar scrub is one of its kind. Looking at the blush pink, luxurious jar might make you fall for it already but along with its exterior looks, it also brings a lot of organic goodness. Herbivore is known to bring out a range of products which is non-toxic, daily use products and their body polish is one of them. This is a polish made for sensitive skin and has a light sugar scrub which exfoliates the skin. The rose and coconut oil are anti-inflammatory which is again a win for sensitive skin. It nourishes the skin while the sugar gently removes the dead skin cells. The fragrance is mild and the results are silk-like essence on the body skin.  

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish, $6

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Last but not least, a personal favourite. This product is one of the best in its kind. At 6 dollars this is a genie in a bottle only if the genie were skin-saving ingredients. It is a gentle scrub and can be used by all skin types. Having dry skin this polish with its micro sugar granules actually soothes the skin. The texture is almost velvety with macadamia and rice milk to nourish the skin. Use it once or twice a week and watch your skin have a dewy glow to it.