Have you seen or met women or men with perfectly clear, glowy, dewy skin without a single scar or imperfection to hide from their faces? This is one of the most envied traits of a person’s face. A naturally flawless, blemish-free skin, something that all of us want to achieve. Truth be told it takes a lot of care and effort to not only achieve but also maintain that skin. Our face’s skin is not only tender but also the most exposed part of our body. Therefore, it does need a lot of attention. Anyone with even a basic skincare regimen knows the three essentials to achieve a clean look are cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. Whatever your skin type be the above three are essential but the quality of the products can vary from skin to skin. Out of all exfoliation is something that has been indispensable through ages. Without it, our skin would probably have a dull and rough appearance. It is extremely important to exfoliate on a regular basis but not go overboard and end up having irritated, inflamed skin from the excessive scrubbing. The right amount helps restore the skin’s vigour. Of course, consult a dermatologist before taking any step. But here, we are going to discuss the most reviewed and raved about scrubs for various skin types.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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This exfoliant had to be kept on the top due to its various benefits especially at its given price. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a powder-based exfoliator which when mixed with water activates in form. Gently using it to scrub your face leaves it squeaky clean with no residue, giving your skin a clean complexion. It has salicylic acid and rice enzyme; salicylic acid helps tighten pores whereas the rice enzyme helps gently remove the debris from the skin. Another ingredient to note is the colloidal oatmeal which along with exfoliating helps soothe the skin preventing it from becoming dry. The product has a high rating because not only is it gentle, works well for all skin types but as the name suggests can be used on a day to day basis.

Kate Somerville exfolikate

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One of the very hyped products on this list and should I say it truly lives up to, “the two minute Hollywood facial” that it claims to be. Slightly up in the price range but this product has not disappointed at all. Before giving out any attributes, we should talk about the after effect which is a polished, lustrous texture with a glowy finish. Like in the packaging which says suitable for all skin types, it truly is. Though I do think it will work wonders for an acne prone skin. The consistency of the liquid inside is almost indescribable. It is forest green in colour with a very earthy smell but when applied it turns into almost a translucent gel. The product has micro granules to help scrub out the dead skin cells. The application procedure recommends to leave it on for a minute or two and then rinse it off. In that 60 seconds, the product somewhat dries up giving almost a mask-like feel. Once you rinse it off you will feel your skin become smooth and polished but leaving the skin not dry at all. It forms a base for applying makeup or lathering on products effortlessly and easily. The consistency is almost honey like which reminds me that honey is also one of the ingredients of this product. It contains salicylic acid, rosewood extracts which helps prevent wrinkles, fruit enzymes to nourish the skin and also aloe vera, Vit E and honey all of which helps keep the skin moisturised and flawless.

Ole Henriksen Transforming walnut scrub

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The underdog in the list and an almost hidden drugstore product but it actually is one of the best amongst most scrubbers found. It has walnut granules which if not used gently can cause micro-abrasions which are tiny cuts on to your skin causing excessive damage later. Use this one lightly, it is recommended for acne prone skin, clogged pores and is best suitable for oily skin. But even people with dry skin can use it since it removes the dullness which most people with dry skin might have. The most significant ingredients in this one are chamomile and ginseng both of which soothe the skin and revive making it supple. The walnut scrub which deeply cleanses your skin can remove all kinds of product build up. Your skin will feel revitalised and stimulated. It exfoliates and brings back the youthful glow to your skin. Since it is one of the more harsher scrubs, be gentle while using it. Do not scrub excessively and let it sit for a few seconds before rinsing it off. Always moisturise after this one to help your skin better.