Resistance bands have become an essential part of a workout session. It is understood that over time the body gets used to the daily exercise routine. By giving the body an added resistance to move against, the muscles are required to put in more effort. They are a great asset for being uncomplicated and effective. Be it gym or home, resistance bands can easily become a part of any space. However, resistance bands can be especially efficient for a home workout as they don’t eat into space, are cost-effective, do not require the guidance or the physical presence of a trainer and can replace workouts with weights with equally satisfying results. Therefore, we thought it apt to bring to the fitness enthusiast’s attention, who prefers the comfort and convenience of its home, the best resistance bands in the market. We have weighed the pros and cons of each brand, pitted a wide range of brands against each other and juxtaposed their respective prices and features to establish their value. Consequently, our extensive evaluation helped us narrow down the list of the best resistance bands to these four brands, namely, Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands, Tribe Single Resistance Bands, Spri Xercuff Resistance Bands, and Peach Bands Premium Matte Resistance Loop Bands. So, without further ado, let us begin the countdown!

Number Four: Peach Bands Premium Matte Resistance Loop Bands

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The Peach Bands are perfect blend of being aesthetically pleasing and effective when it comes to achieving any fitness goals. Features include: 1. Its dimensions are 12 inches x 2 inches. 2. It is made from 100% latex and have a pink sleek matte finish. 3. It comes in a pack of four resistance bands, each ascribed with a increasing levels of resistance, i.e, i. Light (10-12 lbs); ii. Medium (15-20 lbs); iii. Heavy (20-25 lbs); iv. X-Heavy (30-35 lbs) Pros: These resistance bands are made from natural material which contributes towards their light-weight and strength. They are designed for lower-body sculpting, i.e, legs, glutes and hips and therefore, do not easily roll up or down. Additionally, they come with a handy carry bag and a gurantee that offers refund. Cons: The bands have been reported to lose their color on contact with sweat or over time. Moreover, they do not offer as much resistance as their counterparts in the market. Nevertheless, they are excellent for beginners as vouched by many users.

Number Three: SPRI Xercuff Resistance Bands

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The SPRI Xercuff Leg Resistance Band Exercise Cord is known for its top-notch durability and greater amount of resistance than many brands. Features include: 1. It is of 32 inches and comes in four different levels resistances that are color coded, i.e., i. Yellow corresponds with very light resistance and similarly; ii. Green – Light; iii. Red – Medium; iv. Blue – Heavy. 2. It is made from the “dipped” tube rubber that is regarded as the most resilient of all rubber materials. 3. It is designed for lower-body workouts and comes with a ankle cuffs that have a soft padding. Pros: These resistance bands are designed to allow the maximum range of motion possible and, thereby, does not restrict movement in any direction, be it, forward, backward, sideways or diagonal. It helps to target specific muscle groups of the lower body. With a generously padded cuff, it also keeps the comfort of the user in mind. Cons: The cuffs, due to their stitches, are prone to damage or even to break away completely. However, if the level of resistance of the bands and the intensity of the workout and the body specifics of the user are made sure to correspond with one other, then this shouldn’t become an issue.  

Number Two: Tribe Single Resistance Bands

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The Tribe Single Resistance Bands are versatile, effective and provides for a satisfactory workout. Features include: 1. It weighs about 6.4 ounces and is made from 100% natural latex. 2. It has a variety of resistance levels to choose from, namely, i. Yellow – 5 lbs; ii. Green – 15 lbs; iii. Red – 20 lbs; iv. Blue – 30 lbs; v. Black – 35 lbs, and go up to 80 lbs of resistance. 3. It has handles and door anchor for a comfortable grip. Pros: The resistant bands are highly resilient as they are doubly layered with a layer of silicon that will not let the band deform or break. Additionally, the user is able to work both on its upper and lower body. Cons: The quality of the product cannot be doubted; it delivers what it promises. However, the product is not accompanied with a fitness guide which, if is a prerequisite, can be disappointing for the customer.  

Number One: Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands

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The Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands are stronger than many leading brands in the market as they are thicker, thereby, they are more reliable. Features include: 1. Its size is 12 iches x 2 inches and comes is varied resistance levels. 2. It is made entirely from latex and does not have any non-natural material or rubber. 3. They are light-weight, travel-friendly and come with a lifetime gurantee. Pros: They have high elasticity and can be incorporated in several workouts, be it yoga, pilates, weight loss, strength training or even physical therapy. They are easy on the joints, do not cause strain and do not abrade the skin. It includes a fitness guide and refunds if the product is not satisfactory. Cons: It has provided with excellent workout experiences and results, and complaints have been few. In a few instances, wear and tear were reported but if customers are careful of their ideal resistance and suitability, then it can be a long-lasting product.


For their versatality, durability and ease of use resistant bands can be regarded as a must-have for any home-gym. Its importance emerges in its simplicity that does not compromise on a fruitful workout. Therefore, if an effective and efficient excercise routine is the aim, then Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands are the perfect fit, but Tribe Single Resistance Bands are recommended if you want that extra edge to your workout.