As you’d probably know, green tea is considered to be a part of a healthy diet- people had gone gaga over the slimming and otherwise healthy benefits of green tea a while ago. But there is a healthier and tastier upgrade to it and people are going gaga over it now- ‘matcha’. Matcha, which means “powdered tea”, is nothing but powdered green tea in its finest form. There is a vital difference between green tea and matcha latte. In traditional green tea, the leaves are often discarded which means that it stays impure. Whereas, in matcha, you are actually consuming the leaves which are powdered into a solution. So, it is the pure leaf that you are drinking.

Matcha latte is a very healthy drink because…

  • It is full of antioxidants such as the powerful catechin EGCg which is a great anti-cancer agent
  • Helps to prevent heart diseases, diabetes
  • It is great for weight loss and boosts metabolism
  • It calms your mind and relaxes your body
  • Contains vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, selenium and chromium
  • Controls sugar level and cholesterol level

Other than being a very healthy drink, good for your body and mind, here are some more interesting things about matcha:

  • Contains caffeine– Caffeine is considered to give you a dizzy feeling but the caffeine in matcha will make you calm and composed. It is because of a substance called I-theanine present in matcha.
  • Matcha is great for meditation Since it calms your mind and relaxes your body, it is recommended during meditation
  • Matcha can be used to make meals as well such as matcha pastries or popsicles which are really tasty and healthy.
  • The taste of Matcha is very strong and can be described as spinach-like or grass-like. It can be sweetened to have a different taste. You can add sugar or hot chocolate milk to make matcha latte tastier.


Matcha latte can be prepared with a lot of ingredients. One of the best ingredients to prepare matcha with is coconut milk.

Matcha latte with coconut milk is:

  • Smooth and thick
  • Bright green in colour
  • Rich in antioxidants and is extremely healthy
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Very delicious

It looks something like this:

It is a perfect warm cup of drink with morning breakfast or can be made cold with ice during summertime. It is one of the best vegan drinks to have during summer or winter.

The ingredients required for preparing a cup of matcha latte with coconut milk are pretty simple:

  1. Matcha green tea Buy here
    We recommend Jade Leaf Matcha Green tea because:
    – It is 100% USDA organic matcha green tea powder, all natural, no added flavors
    – It is from authentic Japanese origin- from farms in Uji, Japan
    – Lab tested for the finest product quality
  2. Turmeric powder Buy here
  3. Freshly Grated Ginger or Ground Ginger
  4. Sweetener- honey (You can add any kind of sweetener according to your wish)
  5. Coconut milk Buy here
  6. Cinnamon powder Buy here
  7. Hot water

Simple and easy recipe of Matcha Latte with Coconut milk

You need a bamboo whisk Buy here  and a tea bowl to make matcha latte.

  1. Pour ½ tsp of matcha powder and ½ tsp of turmeric powder in a tea bowl
  2. Add a quarter cup of hot water(175 degrees C approx) into the mixture and stir it with the bamboo whisk till the powder dissolves
  3. Put a quarter tsp of grated ginger or ground ginger into a cup/mug
  4. Add your sweetener, a drizzle of honey perhaps
  5. Pour in the matcha turmeric mixture into the cup/mug
  6. Give it a quick stir
  7. Pour warm coconut milk into the cup/mug and fill it up
  8. Add a dash of cinnamon powder on top of it
  9. Taste a delicious and healthy drink and calm your mind and soul!

You can have matcha latte with coconut milk both warm and cold. If you want a cold cup of matcha latte, just add ice and cold coconut milk!
This is one of the easiest and tastiest way to start off your day or to calm your mind and relax your body on a stressful day.

Let us know in the comments below how you liked it!