Are you planning to run for a marathon? If yes, you have taken a very important decision, and a great one as well. Planning to participate in a marathon is a big deal, as it involves many factors that one needs to think of before diving into it. Marathon is about sacrifices, getting tired and hungry, the will to not give up and utmost attention and dedication. Running for a marathon needs mental peace, and mental assurance.
Marathon gear is an integral part of the decision making process before the marathon. You have to keep in mind the list of essentials you need to carry with yourself. You also need to make sure that the marathon gear does not get too heavy to carry. Thus, it is important to pack your marathon gear bag with all the important kinds of stuff you need. The run is not going to be an easy one, as there will be challenging instances and sacrifices, thus you must have the necessary items to take care of the situation.

Below is a list of things necessary to carry when you are going for a marathon.

Reusable water bottle/ extra water

When you are going for a marathon, it is important to carry a reusable water bottle with you. When you are running, you will feel dehydrated and you might run out of water. There are usually a lot of drinking water fountains around the street from where you can fill it up again with a reusable water bottle. You can also carry extra water with you, but that can be extra luggage for you.

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Toilet paper rolls

This can sound weird, but toilet papers are one important thing that you must carry. It can happen, that you are running at night time and nature calls, and that is when these toilet papers come in handy, so should always be prepared for such instances, when you are running and toilet papers are very useful at times when you cannot find one.

Trash bags

Plastic bags or trash bags can come in handy because many marathons start on grass. The grass can remain wet if the weather is foggy or if it rained before. You might have to sit on the grass before the marathon starts. If you feel the need to go to the washroom before the marathon, you can wear the plastic bag on your feet.


You will need a towel to dry yourself up, if you get too drenched or if it starts raining. Carry a hand towel.

Bag balm

This stuff is a life hack. This is udder cream for cows, but it works great on runners too. Apply the balm anywhere on your body where you feel there can be blisters or chafing. This will prevent them.

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Extra clothes

You have to carry extra clothes with you if you are planning for a marathon run. When you start a marathon, you might feel warmed up and you will not need many warm clothes. But as the marathon tickles into night time, you will feel cold. You will feel the need to put on warm clothes, gloves and so on to protect yourself from the weather. Most marathons donate the extra layering of clothes that you toss off when you are feeling warm. It is not possible to carry every clothing, as it becomes heavy. So, it is advised to carry old clothes that you will not wear in the future.

Extra food

Usually, everyone eats their breakfast before the marathon but while you are running. You might feel hungry, and if your mind wants food, it gets difficult for your body to function properly. So, you carry some nutritional food with you that has enough carbs for the run and energy.


Music is a great companion, and that applies to everything, even marathons. You can listen to your favourite music in your wireless headphone, and run the marathon with a peaceful state of mind. The music will prevent other noises from distracting your run, and with the help of EDM or Rock music, or whatever your genre is, you can complete your marathon peacefully

Band aids

These are necessary because while running, you can suffer from some chafing or blisters. It can be because of some new shoes you bought for running, or some other external factors. Applying a band aid over the wounded area would help a lot to heal the wound and also gives you relief from the pain.

Safety pins

Organisers generally give you safety pins, but sometimes they are really big. It is safe to carry your own safety pins because you never know what can tear off, and you might need it. Safety pins are always a saviour.

These are some of the most important marathon gears that you must carry if you are planning for a marathon. There are a few other gears too such as sunscreen or lotion, zip lock bags for your cell phone and needless to say, money.
Marathons are of great fun. It is like going for a long trip, enjoying the nature around. It is great for your health too. Although planning for a marathon and training is the most important part of a marathon. So, pack your bags with these essentials, and train hard to hit the road!