If you are looking to buy a pair of basketball shoes then you must be having a hard time to choose from the likes of Nike Kyrie Flytrap, PG 2.5, Lebron 16 or the latest Puma or Adidas basketball shoes. The basketball shoe market has ample of choices for you thus making it difficult to choose.

We’re here to put an end to your confusion. All you need to do is follow our guidelines to narrow down your choices in a scientific way. We have compiled the studies pertaining to a baller’s playing style, the shoe details and the budget of course in a fluidic and easy way. You can then choose the best suited shoes and rule the court!

What’s so special about basketball shoes anyway?

This question might arise if you’ve always used plain old (or fancy old) athletic shoes for playing. So we need to understand the difference between basketball shoes and athletic shoes.

Athletic shoes are made for comfort and endurance. They are light weight and lack ankle support whereas basketball shoes provide great support for you to run, jump, stop, and change directions quickly. A shoe with a good ankle support, shock absorption, flexibility and a strong tread can keep up to the pressure of the game.

In the long run, it might be harmful for your legs if you still choose athletic shoes for playing basketball.

Identify the type of a baller you are

We are sure that you have been playing basketball for quite some time and in a sport like that, you really have to be an all rounder. But when you go professional then you have to sharpen your position. So based on the studies, a typical match has the following type of players:

  • Quick and Shift Guard
  • Versatile Wing or Forward
  • Big and Powerful Center

Now it is extremely important that you choose one of the above positions as the ankle support depends on this. When you are a quick and shift guard or a versatile wing then you would need a low top or a mid top, whereas, if you are Big and Powerful Center then you need a high top to support you while landing.

Choose your shoe as per your ground

The simple thing most of the people forget when you choose a basketball shoe is that you might ignore the fact that some shoes are not suitable for outdoors. When you choose an outdoor shoe, the rubber and the upper material of your shoe needs to be more durable than while playing indoors.

In case you’re worried that good quality shoes have extra weight, shoes like Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro and many others like Jordan and ANTA have devised a way to keep the quality up without increasing the weight.

A good fit is a must

It might seem like we have checked everything and now we are ready to choose. Except, we’re not.

It is extremely important that you check the width of your feet and cross check it with the shoe. The size of the basketball shoe is not only about length but also the width. If you have a narrow or regular feet width then there is a chance of you feeling uncomfortable in Adidas D Rose 9 as they are for wide feet.

Similarly if you buy Adidas Harden Vol 3 or Jordan CP3 XI for your wide feet then your feet might feel a bit claustrophobic and you may end up developing a spiking pain in your feet.

It is a must that the pair of shoes you choose should aptly fit your feet otherwise the pain may cost you a game or a place in a team.


We have listed down all the factors that you should keep on mind while choosing a pair of basketball shoe. The last thing or might be the first thing that would have come to your mind is the budget. While we all have a dream shoe but the price might be too exuberant to spend for a non pro game. In that case the first no no is that never settle for a low quality shoe. It might have great looks but the chances of the material not being good are high. Similarly often the pricey ones might not make a great companion while playing.

The range of basketball shoes is humungous and some of the great shoe companies such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Lin Ning, Jordan, Puma, Air Jordan and many more are rolling out the shoes in every price range. So it is better that you go for the quality rather than the looks.

Top 3 basketball shoes in the market

After a thorough research on the above factors and with feedback from basketball players we have narrowed down 3 best basketball shoes in the market that won’t let you down.

Nike Lebron 16 

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The Nike Lebron 16 makes it to the top of the list with its premium quality and a great fit for players who like to be versatile. The mid top shoe provides ample of support to the forwards and to the quick guards while landing.

The material used in the shoe is of superb quality and hence you can be sure of the comfort cushioning around your feet. The size of the feet recommended for this shoe is regular but it provides a bit space for your feet to breathe so the players having wide feet

The best part of this shoe is the tread. You can play even outdoors with this tread and it works great even on the wooden floor. The price tag might pinch a bit but if you want the best well then start your savings!


Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low 

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The Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low scores big on the aforementioned attributes with an affordable price. The price tag might seem a bit less for the feature loaded low top shoe.

To start off, the cushioning might seem a bit stiff but with more games you play, it acclimatizes to your needs. Now except the cushioning part, it scores big on traction as it is very stable and works amazing outdoors.

So to all the forwards and quick guards, this might be a game changer for you with great foot support.


Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit

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Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit is the shoe that fits like a sock in your feet. The shoe upper wraps your foot in adaptive support with an ultra light comfort. The upper might feel a bit stiff in the beginning but adapts to your foot after a while. The best part of the shoe is the cushioning it provides. The premium material usage makes it light weight and yet durable.

The only con it has that it is not recommended to play outdoors with the shoe as it may wear out earlier than expected.

Adidas have worked tremendously well in sizing the shoe and it fits perfectly with your feet so you can focus on your game only while in court.