Internet’s original promise

The good

The emergence of web2.0 meant the rise of social media and other communication tools.

The idea was to create multiple channels for individuals to create content and communicate.

Most of you probably got on social media to connect with your peers and loved ones, to follow influential people, to share your personal lives now and then.

The bad

But fast forward to today, your feed is filled with too much noise. The end result? You find yourself drained of energy at the end of all that mindless scrolling.

What is the radical shift needed in today’s social media content? It’s the way you use it.

The solution

Stop following accounts that add zero value to your holistic growth. Focus on the following instead:
Learning: There is so much to be learned in every field. Share tips on things you learned at work or during a mindful productivity activity.

Helping others: People are out there seeking answers, help them grow.

Inspire others: We’re not asking you to become a self-proclaimed guru or to show off. Do and share things that become a source of inspiration for people.

Open mindedness: Be open to learning new things from others instead of forming strong headed opinions and sticking to them. If you wish to engage in criticism, do it from a constructive standpoint instead of trying to demean the other person.

Disagreeing the right way: The internet has given people the opportunity to hide behind a cyber identity and verbally attack people. Steer clear of such conversations. If you wish to disagree with someone, refer to Paul Graham’s famous Hierarchy of Disagreement. The goal is to move towards the top of the pyramid.

What we do

We strongly believe in using social media to make lives better and help people grow. Which is why we have been curating the right tweets over the years to filter out the noise and encourage our subscribers to try out new ideas every day.


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