For some, Mondays are especially dreadful thanks to a pile of e-mails in their inbox.

When drafting a mail to such people, you should exercise some caution.

Here are 10 simple steps to do so:
1. Keep subject line concise.

2.Your first paragraph should be short and should contain the crux of the mail.

3. If your e-mail needs supporting data, ask your queries first and have a clear separation between queries and your attached data. Use special characters like —————– for the same.

4. Highlight key metrics in your data in a different colour.

5. If an action needs to be taken, send mail to only one person unless it’s clear in a mail sent to a group who is in charge of the action.

6. If multiple people need to take different actions, send separate mails to them.

7. Instead of BCC, forward your mail to the second person to avoid blunders if someone replies to a BCC.

8. If you don’t get a reply, drop 2-3 chase mails instead of getting upset.

9. If you wish to send a presentation, send the deck not a link.

10. Avoid being nasty over mails.

Credits: Mark Suster on Twitter

TO DO: Write concise subject, keep crux in intro para, separate data and queries, highlight key metrics and avoid being nasty in mails to busy people.

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