While there is relief with the first shower of rain, one cannot help but feel wistful. There are an overwhelming 1500 varieties of mangoes available throughout summer; yet one can’t have enough!

So for those who are not ready to say goodbye to their favorite fruit yet, here are a few mango varieties that you can get till as late as August.

Langra (Mid July – August): These green mangoes originate from Banaras. They are sweet and extremely juicy.

Dasheri (June – August): This Lucknowi breed is regarded as the King of mangoes. And rightly so! It’s distinct sweet smell and taste is unforgettable.

Chausa (July – August): Hailing from Bihar, this mango comes out just when you think the mango season is over!

Be it in the form of curries, salads, desserts, smoothies or the very simple and delicious Mango Delight, there is ample time for you to enjoy your favorite fruit!

Credits: Rashmi on Twitter

TO DO: Try different varieties of the Indian mango.

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