To begin with, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a classic for a reason. It spawned the entire genre of science fiction as we know it in the recent times.

Its master stroke is that it departs from the 19th century go-to elements of magic to use modern scientific reasoning and experimentation.

Another relevant reason for us could be its familiar themes and characters. Haven’t we often seen or read characters who for their ambition go beyond the limits of decency and ethics? Or those that know revenge doesn’t come cheap but gladly and eagerly pay the price?

To top it off, it keeps the readers on the edge by taking them beneath the surface. The character’s thoughts reveal the real psychological toll of letting their innocence play at the hand of evil and single-minded desires running their courses like wild rivers.

Reason number three is its simple and eloquent language. This book not just deals with the paradox of human nature but also weaves a story through it.

It articulates complex emotions with simple words. It describes gore in beautiful language. It finds horror in serenity. For this and much more, we highly recommend this book!

Credits: Gwen@ChewDigestBooks on Twitter

TO DO: Read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley to uncover what is really horrific and ugly about a human.


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