Managing personal finance is a skill one must start honing at the start of one’s career.

Not fun, but these hacks are sure to help you in the long term:

1. Suppress your ego and try to live below your means- Savings are important for more productive use tomorrow

2. Have a partner you can see eye-to-eye on spending- Having one saver and one spender is one of the leading causes of divorce.

3. Avoid debts – No one gets out of debt faster than the person who avoided it in the first place

4. Make use of low-status, high-efficiency services – public libraries for instance

5. Identify when promises of abnormal gains without abnormal sacrifice are offered

6. Pick a career that may not be your passion but pays you well enough

Credits: Collaborative Fund on Twitter

THIS MONTH: Suppress your ego, avoid debts, use high efficiency services and reassess your personal finance.


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