Tailwind CSS’s biggest advantage is providing developers with the ability to quickly build beautiful, custom designs without fighting to override existing styles.

Most CSS frameworks offer pre built components like buttons and cards that are easy to add but painfully difficult to modify to make your website stand out.

No more battling specificity wars.

Each Tailwind utility also comes with responsive variants. It uses a {screen}: prefix to make it easy to notice responsive classes in your markup.

It also provides tools to extract components from repeated utility patterns so it is easy to update multiple instances of a component from one place.

Colors, borders, font weights, shadows etc. – if anything can be customised, Tailwind offers the capability to do so.

It is written in PostCSS and configured in JavaScript so you have the power of a programming language at hand.

Here’s a codepen of a popular tip built using Tailwind, coded by Steve Schoger.

Credits: Steve Schoger on Twitter

TO DO: Use Tailwind CSS framework to quickly build custom designs


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