“The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by renowned historian and foreign correspondent William Shirer is a go-to record of the history of the Nazi Germany.

Having spent five and a half years perusing the documentation produced by the Allied; an hour-by-hour record of Adolf Hitler’s empire, the author shares surprising details on how the United States got involved and how Japan was used by Hitler for his propaganda.

William’s narrative style offers a level of believability and readability more than other journalists because he lived in Germany during the majority of the time Hitler was in power.

It’s a huge book and might take a month or so to complete.

But, it’s a recommended read for anyone who shares a passion for history and would like to know what leads to statist governments.

Credits: Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter

TO DO: Read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for a detailed account of the Nazi Germany.


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