When They See Us is an American web series that aired on Netflix in May 2019.

It became an instant hit with the audience and the critics, gaining 11 nominations in the Emmys.

Its subject is institutional racism and how it still manages to thrive and dictate all spheres of one’s life like education, employment, wealth and most specifically (in the case of this series) criminal justice.

The series is based on the true events following the Central Park Jogger Case and portrays the life of 5 wrongfully convicted black men.

The show demonstrates how the police, under surmounting pressure, is quick and cruel in solving the case and the jury neglects much of what is questionable to declare innocent men guilty of a terrible crime.

What is more heart-breaking is the despair of the men and their family, the compromised position that is created for them and how it leads the men to confess.

Credits: Ava DuVernay on Twitter

TO DO: Watch “When They See Us” on Netflix.


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