If you are trying to understand how a company can achieve its growth targets, then the article by James Currier, a leading expert in his field, is worth a read!

According to him, it all boils down to having the right frame of mind.

He talks about the 5 factors that can help one achieve that mindset. Here’s a gist:
– Language: It can make or break the product. Therefore, make sure the language you use creates a personality for the product.

– Empathy: You need to get in the shoes of your customers. Understand various facets of their lives and design your product’s use according to it.

– Don’t be passive: You need to keep figuring out creative ways to sustain your product in an ever-changing market. Learning never stops! Take risks!

– Data is soul: You need to measure. You need to know every aspect that affects your product. It acts as a guide.

– Failure is a stepping stone: Understand that not all your experimental tactics and risks will reap benefits. But you need to keep at it!

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Credits: Amit Ranjan on Twitter

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