Indie Hackers is the perfect community for founders of profitable businesses to share their stories.

It’s also the perfect place for entrepreneurs to draw inspiration from.

You can learn from the makers behind hundreds of successful products and filter out the type of product you wish to read about.

Founder Courtland Allen defines an “indie hacker” as someone who has set out to make money independently, which means you’re earning revenue directly from your customers, instead of an employer.

It’s a great source of inspiration and education and as an entrepreneur, you can also feature in their podcast or newsletter so long as you contact them here with relevant details.

You’re welcome regardless of whether you own a business or a side project, are a bootstrapper or a fundraiser, a hacker or a hustler.

All you need is a scalable, revenue-generating, tech-related product – no exceptions.

They recently added a new feature to their product to let you share your milestones with the rest of the community, share what you learned and get feedback from the community.

Credits: Courtland Allen on Twitter

TO DO: Log your entrepreneurial milestones on Indie Hackers

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