Did you ever find yourself wondering what it takes to reach the one million target, be it in terms of money, subscribers or hits? Or do you simply enjoy coming across success stories?

Your First Million is a podcast that brings to you, a weekly dose of motivation and a glimpse into the methods that can bring one their first million.

It is conducted by Arlan Hamilton who is a successful entrepreneur herself. So far, it has had myriad of guests like Dawn Dickson, Robrta Lucca and Anna Eichenauer.

They not just share their insights on attitude or mindset, professional conduct but also their unique struggles that aroused from their identity; prejudices against them and their economic backgrounds.

The podcast has discussed on topics like what it takes a trans person to be successful, constraints of philanthropy, people of colour and how intricately they have been contributing to wealth generation.

For the knowledge and inspiration that Your First Million offers, it should not be missed!

You can find the podcast here.

Credits: Arlan on Twitter

TO DO: Check out the latest episode of Your First Million.

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