If you think reading x number of books or waking up at a certain time or following a given set of “hacks” will help you be successful like some people, you’re living far from reality.

Here are some of the actual habits of successful people:
– They wake up when their body tells them to: There’s always an early morning time when you open your eyes before the alarm sets off. Don’t ignore that and go back to sleep, that’s a sign you’re ready for the day.

– They read things that interest them: Don’t invest in xyz book because a certain successful person said it changed his life. Find books and articles that interest you deeply and make sure you read on your topics of interest daily.

– They exercise when it best fits into their schedule: No early morning, late night tip. But make time for your body.

– They sometimes eat unhealthy food: It’s ok, you’re not a robot. Cheat meals are good once in a while.

– They tell the people they love that they love them: A bit philosophical here, but friends and family are important. Make time for them too.

Credits: Matthew on Twitter

TO DO: Make time for body, read daily, wake up without an alarm.


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