The Way of Zen is a book by philosopher and religious scholar Alan Watts, aimed to introduce the Eastern philosophy to the young, average John and Jane of Western audience.

Watts’ respect towards the Eastern philosophy without urging the reader to convert is what makes the book worth reading.

He clearly lays down a history of Buddhism and covers Taoism, from which Zen gets its emphasis on naturalness.

His usage of concrete metaphors and analogies eases the readers into understanding certain concepts.

He doesn’t digress and even if he does a little, the tangents are always related to the subject at hand.

It is an effective book for anyone looking to introduce oneself to Zen Buddhism.

It is to be noted that the book was penned nearly half a century ago so some aspects might not be relatable to you today. Nevertheless, it has a timeless touch and is a highly recommended read.

Credits: Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter

TO DO: Read Alan Watts’ The Way of Zen to understand Zen Buddhism.


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