In an internet age, do libraries serve any purpose at all?

Or are they gradually going to bite the dust?

This short documentary by Origin of Everything on YouTube explains the history and importance of libraries.

Starting from the 7th century BCE, the purpose of libraries has evolved over time.

It was in early 18th century that communities decided to pool their resources to buy books of interest and start a subscription model.

Till date, many people consider a brick and mortar library as an essential social place for vital resources.

A 2015 NYTimes review asserted that 37 million people a year visit New York libraries, more than most other social gathering places combined.

While the percentage of Americans visiting public libraries has dropped down, libraries are still a place for kids to hang out till their parents come home, for aged people to use as a social hub and for adults to use them as educational centres.

The death of libraries will be a heavily mourned loss, which leads us to believe they’re here to stay for long.

Credits: Tiago Forte on Twitter

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