Remember the 70’s video game Atari Pong? Well, it has made a come back. And how!!

It has migrated from the screen to a stylish coffee table around which you can gather with your friends or family and have a fun time.

It incorporates the old arcade console features like sounds, lights, paddles and buttons but gives its own spin to it. It has a few extra game modes like “freeze” that lets you influence your opponent’s paddles.

The designers have added more such unique features that not only make the game more interesting but the entire experience too.

Some of these features are: 1. Bluetooth Speaker because fun time is incomplete without a little music. 2. USB Ports for when your phone dies on you. 3. Led display and clock.

You can get it here.

Credits: Massimo on Twitter

TO DO: Order an Atari PONG Coffee Table for self.

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