If you’re solely interested in getting the best design tips and tricks, Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger have dedicated a number of tweets to that.

You can find that bundle here.

But they’ve gone on to create a complete survival kit for designing on the web.

A PDF with 50 visual chapters, their book “Refactoring UI” is a distilled easy-to-read guide on web design.

Most design courses focus on color theory, typography and the like, but actionable and specific tactics are missing.

They’ve done a great job at creating something better.

Their bundle consists of the book, video tutorials and screencasts so you can learn from experts, a component gallery that includes mockups of ideas for button styles, card layouts, login page layouts etc., over a dozen comprehensive color palettes with example UI on how they should be used, font recommendations and finally, custom illustrated icons.

There’s absolutely no second guessing this bundle, we highly recommend it!

Credits: Steve Schoger on Twitter

TO DO: Purchase Refactoring UI bundle for specific, actionable learnings on web designing

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