The corporate vice president at Microsoft, Brett Ostrum, saw a problem on the horizon in 2018.

Extensive surveys taken to monitor his team employees’ attitudes revealed they were dissatisfied with their work-life balance compared to their counterparts elsewhere.

A lot of insights were revealed by studying the survey data well.

One crucial insight was the trouble employees have with meetings.

The meta data from employees’ calendars and emails were studied to look for patterns.

Several iterations revealed that the team was spending nearly 27 hours a week in group meetings.

This was reducing available hours for tasks that needed singular attention ending in employees logging extra hours and weekends to finish off tasks at hand.

A change in this pattern resulted in much better employee satisfaction.

Read full article here.

Credits: Jay Van Bavel on Twitter

TO DO: Reduce amount of time spent in group meetings to be more productive and have a better work-life balance.


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