Driven from their native country on religious grounds, the French Huguenots settled in Waterford in the 17th century.

Today, one of their culinary traditions is a staple that locals call “the blaas”.

Originally called pain blanc, it is a wheat based white bread that serves as a breakfast food, preferably slathered in salted butter.

For a heavier meal, it is served with thin slices of bacon, chips or a spiced pork lunchmeat.

The bread is heavily floured which yields a distinct chewiness and a softer consistency.

You’ll most likely not find this bread post noon since it sells quickly and is mostly associated with breakfast.

Earlier, dozens of small local bakeries used to bake them. Today, only four do.

Blaa was also awarded a “Protected Geographical Indication” status by the European Union, which means only those baked in Waterford can bear the name.

Some bakeries sell frozen Blaa Bread internationally, in case you can’t travel to Waterford but wish to try it out.

Credits: Atlas Obscura on Twitter

TO DO: Try the famous Waterford Blaa Bread

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