According to a study in psychological science, people who learn a new skill have improved memory and it gets more important as we age. The study suggests that learning a new skill strengthens connections between different parts of the brain.

Since travel already has you in an unknown place, how about taking your learning experience to the next level by trying something new that will craft you with a new skill to take home?

Learning the basics of the local language will help you get around places and make travel so much easier, turning it into a fun and memorable experience. Besides language, here are a few incredible places where you can enjoy your budgeted vacation and new learning:

1. Surf at Eupore’s dedicated World Surfing Reserve – Ericeira, Portugal
If you have the right determination, endurance and strength, surfing is a great sport and probably one of the hardest technical and athletic activities. But through practice and desire, you can achieve almost anything.

Ericeira, Portugal is the world’s prominent surfing spot. North of Lisbon, Portugal’s scenic Ericeira is dedicated to preserving environmental, cultural and economic value surfing sites.

There are abundant stunning reef and beach breaks with swells ranging from small to massive suiting beginners to pros. The classes are offered by experienced surfers, trained in Europe or Australia, which covers everything from paddling to finding waves.

The lesson fees is around $35 which includes two hours of instruction and equipment rental. There is also an option for accommodation at the nearby Surf Camp.

2. Learn an age-old art of Blacksmithing – Gränsfors, Sweden
Would you like to build your tools or a house? If you have a good hand-to-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, math skills for measuring and making precise cuts and calculations, and creative and design skills, you can learn to craft tools, axes and knives using a blacksmith’s hammer and forge.

In Gränsfors, east-central Sweden, you can start with a 5-day foundation class for $1,090, where you’ll learn how to light the forge and get the ropes of the methods and holds used in forging. They make you forge simple tools like hooks, hinges and handles. You may also go for the intermediate classes take you into more specialized designs.

3. The ancient practice of Yoga – Goa, India
Are you looking at turning your passion into a living by becoming a certified yoga teacher? Become a yoga teacher by enrolling in a course at Himalaya Yoga Valley on India’s western coastline.

Trainees gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga philosophy, postures, mantras, chakras and meditation. It also gives the opportunity to explore the place along with a month-long certification.

For experienced teachers, the centre also offers advanced 500-hour certifications. Prices begin with $1,740, including breakfast, tuition, uniforms and all materials.

Looking for more such addictive vacay-learnings? Click here to know more.

TO DO: Learn a new skill on next vacation.


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