If you have ever wanted to be a Shaolin Kung Fu master, you can make your dream come true in China.

You can live in an actual Chinese Shaolin temple and learn the vintage classic martial art from Chinese monks.

In southern China, there is a province called Yunnan and Dali is a beautiful little ancient town situated in Yunnan, covered by mountains and a huge lake.

Amongst the mountains and thick ancient forest, there is a place where history still prevails: Wu Wei Si Monastery.

It is a Shaolin Temple where people from foreign countries get the chance to learn and practice Shaolin Kung Fu, a very old ancient form of martial art.

How to reach the majestic monastery
Honestly, there is no way to contact the monastery as they do not have any contact details.

You just need to reach Dali Old City from Kunming which is the capital of Yunnan. The bus will drop you at Dali new city and from there you have to take another bus to the old city.

You can check in to any guest house and then arrange a cab to take you to the monastery.

The ideal time to go
Friday evening as the Kung Fu training starts on Saturdays

Credits: Matt Long on Twitter

TO DO: Visit Wu Wei Si Monastery in Dali, China to explore Shaolin Kung Fu.


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