If you’re done with traditional luxury hotels and want to stay somewhere really unique, Jordan’s Bubble Luxotel Petra will leave you wanting for more.

Their bubble shaped hotels are full of luxury amenities and will blow your mind.

The old city of Petra got its name from the Seven Wonders of the World in the year of 2007. It is famous for its pink sandstone cliffs. If you have watched the iconic film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade of 1989, then you can recognize this place.

Let’s talk about the bubble hotel and why it can be the best outing of your life.
– The hotel has overall 20 big bubble suites on a sandy mountain place. With the sky being all orangish-pink in color, you can spend a wonderful romantic time with your loved one. Each suite has its own private outdoor hot tub, a secluded sun deck, and the walls of the room are transparent so that you can enjoy the view of the majestic Petra Mountains.

– On the mountainside, each of the bubbles has its dining and living room. Also, the bedroom has an open ceiling. You can quietly lie down and see the stars above you and have the most peaceful sleep of your life.

– The domes are covered with shade sheets so that it keeps you cool during a hot summer day on a desert.

To reach the hotel you need to take a 3 and a half-hour shuttle along with the desert and the Dead Sea.

Read more about the place here.

Credits: Travel Noire on Twitter

TO DO: Plan vacation to Jordan and book Bubble Luxotel Petra.

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