Cancun is where you can head for a luxurious stay as well as on budget.

You can get meals for as cheap as $5-$14 and a decent place to crash at just $40 a night. Sounds like a fair deal?

Cancun is divided into the Downtown area and the Hotel Zone. Punta Cancun is the party zone of Cancun. You can check out the best nightclubs to visit here

Booking tip: When you speak to travel agents or tour operators, try to bargain. The travel industry runs on negotiation and learning its art will help the wanderlust in you, in the long run.

Eating/Drinking tip: Always buy draught beer, it will be priced at half the bottled beer. Walk a block or two away from main tourist destinations for your meals. The closer to tourist spots, the pricier the meals.

If you’re looking for really low hotel prices, May-Aug is a good time to go. Peak season is between December to April.

Credits: Travel Noire on Twitter

TO DO: Save approximately $1500 for 6 day trip to Cancun


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