Life expectancy has improved worldwide, thanks to higher quality food, better health care and improved treatments for diseases like cancer.

However, ageing comes with its own set of problems. Deteriorating physical health, musculoskeletal problems, dementia etc. are some of the unwelcome issues.

A lot of these problems need medical attention, surgeries and what not.

The discussion has now shifted to not just improving the life span but also the health span of an individual.

Researchers from the University of Graz in Austria have stumbled upon the anti-ageing properties of a plant called Ashitaba.

It is believed to have been consumed by the Samurai.

The Ashitaba plant is rich in DMC, a natural compound known to reduce age related cell death. It helps in detoxification to a great degree.

Perhaps, this is why the Japanese people work well into their old age, compared to their contemporaries worldwide.

Credits: World Economic Forum on Twitter

TO DO: Add Ashitaba tea to diet.


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