It is prudent to conduct employee satisfaction surveys at your workplace to assess if your organisation is creating an environment conducive to creative effort.

Toxic environments lead to low productivity and kill the creative juices of your employees.

Following are major toxic environment traits:
Strict organisational hierarchies: Often when there’s too much separation between upper management and lower level employees, lower level employees are less likely to speak up. Your organisation isn’t using its full potential this way.

Pressure for short term deliverables: Workplace stress kills creativity. Short term deadlines pre-empt any abstract, out of the box solutions to long existing problems as employees are too busy with deadlines. Reducing the frequency of time intensive stress can help

Hostile environment: A workplace where ideas are mocked or dismissed to undermine one’s progress is designed to kill creativity. Encouraging open communication and understanding employees’ emotional reactions to annoying settings is crucial.

TO DO: Conduct an employee satisfaction survey and realign the environment to boost creativity.

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