Remember Apple in its initial days? Their off the chart success was due to the off the chart user experience they offered.

For anyone even remotely interested in the inside story of the creative process at Apple during the golden age of Steve Jobs, this book offers just the thing you need.

You might know Ken Kocienda as the guy who programmed the virtual keyboard of the original iPhone.

For 15 years, he was directly responsible for experimenting with novel user interface ideas.

He shares moments of struggle, failure and success during his stint at Apple. With lessons on innovation, craft, diligence and collaboration, you’ll be hooked to this book.

It’s a must read for anyone into product building or design. And for those who do not get technical jargon too well, fear not. Ken offers clever analogies for the layman.

Credits: Arjun Ram on Twitter

TO DO: Read Ken Kocienda’s Creative Selection to understand Apple’s creative process


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