Dota Auto Chess is one of the most popular games of 2019. But, what’s the hype about?

The game is definitely not a chess game and although it is quite similar to Dota because of the characters with the same powers, it is still a lot different.

It is a turn-wise tactical game that needs a lot of strategies to play. You will play against seven other players round after round using resource-management action.

There is no need for APM here to compete as the character units battle each other on their own automatically once you place them.

How to play Dota Auto Chess
– The players will start the game by picking one unit from a selection of five.

– There will be more options as the game gets going; your population cap and the number of unit choices will grow.

– You can pick any of your units depending upon the gold and space you have; this is where the strategy comes in to play.

– If you put units that have the same race and class together then you will become more powerful and it can be a game-deciding effect.

– You have to keep ranking up as it is one of the most important aspects of the video game; more layers of strategy will make you more powerful.

Once you start playing the game, you will get the drill and will be addicted.

You will be matched with a random opponent from whoever stays in the game each round until there is just one left standing.

If you are placed on top 3 then you will earn some candy. You can use the candy to unlock cosmetics that you can use each game.

Here’s a complete guide of the most popular strategy game of 2019.

Credits: Tobi on Twitter

TO DO: Play Dota Auto Chess.


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