Choosing a new diet plan is one thing, sticking to it is a different battle altogether. If you don’t have time for meal preps and want to enjoy different meals without straying from your plan, we stumbled upon the perfect solution.

Territory Foods have made clean eating a very easy and super delicious experience.

They provide several filters to choose from- Keto, Whole30, vegan, generally healthy and so on.

Based on that plan, you can choose from a rotating menu of at least 25 different meal options every week.

They have collaborated with independent chefs who work out of their local commercial space to bring unique food to your table.

Their ingredients are anti-biotic and hormone free, fresh, local and organic whenever possible. They also never use ingredients containing dairy, gluten or added nitrates.

The chefs are paid to prepare the meals while the ingredients are purchased by them.

They pocket the difference between cost of ingredients and what Territory Foods pays them. That doesn’t, however, mean there’s any lack of quality control.

At roughly $11 per meal, we think it’s a product you should definitely try out.

Credits: Kara Nortman on Twitter

TO DO: Try Territory Foods to stick to diet plan.

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