If you’re a budget traveller headed towards Vietnam and also a foodie, you’ll love the Vietnamese experience.

The prices of food vary from $1 per bowl of Pho to $1.65 for a bowl of rice, meat and salad.

Following 4 dishes are not only cheap, they’re delicious and a must try:
Pho: It’s a Vietnamese soup that costs ~$1. Contains any type of thin, sliced meat, flat rice noodles, fish sauce, veggies and herbs like lettuce, chili peppers, mint etc. Hanoi is the place to experience the real taste and smell of it.

Banh Mi: It’s a baguette filled with sliced pork, cheese and vegetables. The vegetarian version is served with tofu instead. You’ll usually find these at Buddhist temples or local vendors at just $1.

Cha Gio: Vietnamese spring rolls filled with pork or shrimps, shredded carrots and mung bean noodles. They come at just $0.24 each.

Bonus: If you’re an adventurous eater, local buffet restaurants offer bugs, scorpions, frogs or fetal duck eggs. They taste quite good and are a real treat at just $0.28 per scoop of bugs.

Credits: Robert Reid on Twitter

TO DO: For budget friendly meals, try Pho, Cha Gio, Banh Mi at Vietnam


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