As Peter Drucker wrote “Effectiveness is a habit; that is, a complex of practices.”

Drucker mentions five habits that executives must have to be profusely effective when it comes to management of any business organisations:
1. Time awareness- Effective executives must be complete aware of where their time goes in managing business operations. Time is the most valuable asset and it is important to be conscious of how it is spent and on what. Executives must have a strong control over time.

2. Contributions- Effective executives should focus on outward contributions. They should look for un-utilized potential in the job and use it to the fullest capability for better yielding results. They should always gear up for better consequences and not work.

3. Focus on strength- Executives always focus on their strength as well as their colleagues’. To achieve good results, one must use all the available strength in the organisation. Never start with weak points, as it will slow down the process of work. Effective executives must know the strength of their subordinates and utilize them to the fullest.

4. Concentrating on one work at a time- One of the biggest secrets of effective executives is concentration. To be an effective executive one must concentrate on one work at a time. One should believe in the ‘first things first’ concept and do one work at a time. Keep going steadily at an easy pace as hurrying things up never ends well.

5. Important effective decisions- Last but not the least, effective executives are bound to make effective decisions. They focus on small fundamental aspects and makes decisions according to improve business conditions and overall working.

Credits: Steve on Twitter

TO DO: Read The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker.


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