When you have to report something on Twitter, you have no idea who handles your report.

Such faceless features of general purpose social networks and their continuous movement away from being neutral parties has given rise to a new wave of networks.

Cody Brown likes to call them Conductor Social Networks that have 2 features
– The conductor has real time ability to drive the audience interaction
– Given an audience, the conductor can speak, listen and maintain order how they like.

Famous YouTuber Alt Shift X is a prime example of what a conductor social network feels like. He is an expert on Game of Thrones and other fandoms and known for doing deep dives into the topics.

Cody suggests instead of building social networks for all, we should start with a conductor and work backwards.

The first wave of these applications include Exit Poll Live , Ripkord.tv, Superphone (https://www.superphone.io/), Peloton etc.

Read the interesting, full article by Cody to completely understand what a conductor social network is and why you should be considering shifting to them.

Credits: Cody Brown on Twitter

TO DO: Read Cody’s article on Conductor Social Networks and explore options


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