The world has always emphasized on being an optimist instead of a pessimist till the term “realist” came around.

A realist is the perfect middle ground – he sees things as is. And to be fair, most of us would like to term ourselves as a realist.

We’d expect things to happen on the entire spectrum of possibilities. We would like to show that we accept the outcome of a situation just the way it is.

But that’s a far cry from reality. How often do we catch ourselves cribbing about situations at personal and/or professional level? In essence, our modern notion of being a realist is not much different from the definition of a pessimist.

Our advice? Make a conscious effort to evaluate the events for the day from a positive perspective, create continuous beliefs to influence your predictions for the day. And good thoughts matter, expecting an event to happen makes it much more likely to happen! Don’t believe us? Read more on self fulfilling prophecies here

TODAY: Shun all negative thoughts and make optimism your drug of choice.

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