Tina Roth and her colleagues recently made a pact to call each other out any time they expressed limiting beliefs.

“It’s never going to work”
“I am not good at that”
“I don’t think they will go for the big partnership”

She highly recommends this exercise to people.

A lot of self-limiting beliefs are formed at an early age, as we experience things around us. And humans want to be right about things. So, they hold on to those beliefs quite strongly.

The first step is to identify those beliefs, which hopefully, your friends can help you with, if you can’t.

The next step is to introspect why you have that belief. E.g. If you do not like submitting work till it is perfect, so much so that perfectionism stresses you out, perhaps it’s because your past experience on submitting sub-par work brought you humiliation.

Next, question if they’re useful to you today.

And finally, retrain your brain. Beliefs are patterns in your brain and you can form new patterns and rewire your brain. Habits, rituals, affirmations are few ways to do so.

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