Bike commuting is becoming more popular in urban areas because of a growing commitment to embrace cycling as a viable means of transport.

If you’re one of the people who like to commute to work on a bike, we have a suggestion for you.

A pannier is a bag that attaches to your bike’s rear rack without making your bike hard to steer.

Instead of carrying your gear on your body and ending up with shoulder/back pain, we suggest you carry it on your bike.

If you like to carry everything to work – laptop, gym clothes, make up, extra shoes, lunch – you know the drill, then we suggest you purchase Arkel’s Signature H Urban Pannier.

It is a combination of a stylish tote with great hauling capabilities. With a sturdy mounting system, it’s great for carrying a lot of stuff on the bike.

Credits: Wirecutter on Twitter

TO DO: Buy a pannier for bike.


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