For some, coffee is mood. Coffee is love. And Coffeeology is the Art of Coffee.

The aroma of fresh brewed coffee in the morning is like that trail of scent that awakens all your senses.

If you’re a connoisseur too, we’d like to introduce you to Araku. Grown in a manner similar to fine wines, their coffee is cultivated, processed and roasted with utmost precision.

The Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh, India, has brought farmers and coffee experts since 2001 to create this brand.

The brand also offers some really chic and unique line of coffee accessories that we are mesmerized by. They also offer tutorials on making that perfect cup at home.

They’ve recently opened a pop-up café in Hyderabad that we highly recommend you try. They vouch for their brew masters and so do we!

Credits: Manoj Naandi on Twitter

TO DO: Try out Araku’s unique line of specialty coffees.


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