Ex-Airbnb employee Lenny Rachitsky has come up with an overview of all tactics and strategies he’s seen that were used to bootstrap and accelerate supply growth in his 7-year stint at Airbnb.

Following are some of the primary methods used in the top, middle and bottom of sales funnel, and some general strategies:
– Make concise value proposition on site/app
– Add entry points to value prop
– Offer a referrals program
– Make direct sales
– Have meetups
– Invest in SEO

– Send re-engagement emails
– Make re-engagement calls
– Optimize conversion

– Optimize retention and activation
– Expand existing supply

– Bootstrap trust
– Segment customer base
– Internationalise the business
– Increase benefit while reducing costs.

A detailed explanation of each strategy can be found here.

Credits: Andrew Chen on Twitter

TO DO: Read how to improve sales funnel to grow supply in marketplace.


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