Be it beauty, work, relationships or health we all know that to achieve our desired standards we need to have certain consistent routines and behaviours or, to be exact, habits.

So we could work out today at a gym in a frenzy but this motivation fizzles out in 2 days. On the third day we find ourselves recovering in our beds. Yes, good habits don’t come easy!

While a new neuroscience study agrees with us, it also tells us that it isn’t impossible. We often think that the process of building habits lacks pleasure.

They are challenging; they can be complicated too. There’s no fun in exercise… we’d rather munch chips. Immediate indulgence is simpler, right?

Well, actually, the study finds that habits can be formed irrespective of any pleasure and rewards involved; we just need to keep repeating the act; this it demonstrates through really cool digital rodents!

And once you have repeated it enough times, even if there is all the junk food you could desire right in front you, you would rather exercise.

Read the complete article here.

Credits: World Economic Forum on Twitter

TO DO: Consistently show up and repeat the act you want to build a habit in till it becomes ingrained in you.


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