Rye has been put down as the healthiest of grains but also it is the most underrated.

A few independent studies also claim that it aids in weight loss. Its flavoursome earthy taste and chewy texture make it a hearty delight.

Rye is rich in vitamins and nutrients that promote heart health; especially beneficial is the presence of high amounts of magnesium and fibre.

To reap the most health benefits of rye, eat it as a salad. Rye berries make an excellent substitute for rice or any other whole grain berries.

You can check out this delicious rye berry salad here.

It includes a herbed kefir dressing that elegantly balances the sourness of rye with its tanginess and also adds the freshness of assorted herbs.

Credits: Chowhound on Twitter

TO DO: Try magnesium and fibre rich rye berry salad.


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