Summer is a time for all the high-energy activities.

From vacations to hiking to day trips to kids’ favourite places, the days can get tiresome when the sun is out.

Consequently, a lot of parents pave way for convenience over health when it comes to getting snacks for kids.

From sweets loaded with added sugar to highly processed eatables, they’re anything but a healthy option.

Chowhound has curated a list of quick and easy snack recipes for summers that are packed with vital minerals, vitamins and ample fiber.

Sour frozen grapes, parfait popsicles, baked cheesy crackers and Lynn’s power bites – read all these recipes here and get going.

Credits: Chowhound on Twitter

TO DO: Follow Chowhound recipes to make frozen grapes, parfait popsicles, baked cheesy crackers and power bites for kids.


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