It is a difficult task when it comes to understanding your most challenging feelings. Focusing is a way of communicating with your emotional intellect and your body.

The process of focusing brings you back to your sense of conscience and knowing that you always had in yourself.

Focusing helps in the following spheres:
– When you are stressed out because of workload, you can focus on yourself and the energy inside you to calm body and soul.

– In relationships, we often face challenging moments. Focusing can help us to jump over such hurdles and keep a calm and composed mind.

– For emotional as well as physical healing purposes, focusing is important.

– You can make clear and practical decisions if you focus.

Focusing therapy helps the individual to find the answer lying deep within themselves. In focusing therapy, the therapist and the individual taking the treatment work together to reinvigorate the knowledge of the human’s body and allow the body to guide the person in his future endeavours and situations.

Read more about types of focusing here.

Credits: Hiten Shah on Twitter

TO DO: Practice how to focus for better productivity in life.


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