If you’re not aware of Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs, let us break it down for you in simple terms.

This dude was a famous American psychologist who divided human needs into 5 stages that you can see in the image.

But let us reiterate with the actual definitions: physiological needs like food/water/warmth, safety/security needs, belongingness or love needs like intimate relationships/friends, esteem needs like prestige and feeling of accomplishment and finally, self actualization where one achieves one’s full potential.

He also stated that the first four levels are deficiency needs. They are said to arise due to deprivation and tend to motivate people to achieve them.

The last level is what he called a growth need- which doesn’t arise from a lack of something but from the desire to grow as an individual.

Now if you work remotely or work from home every now and then, you’d understand why putting your phone on airplane is the growth need. Zero distractions, deep focus. Give it a try and share your results!

Credits: Liz and Mollie on Twitter

THIS WEEK: Put your phone on airplane for a few hours a day while working.


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