Remote work, while appears to be a great option, comes along with its own set of challenges.

While you have the freedom to work from anywhere and set your own time table, you might also find the isolation discomforting.

You could also find it difficult to manage time or switch easily between work hours and home hours.

We found some highly relevant tips from remote workers across the world to manage such challenges well:
– “Get your work done fast and go outside to live a great day” This is a great tip for someone who likes to socialize and it gives you freedom from the 9-5 humdrum. Get up early, get at it and be done quickly.

– “Have a consistent routine” Of course you can shift your time table here and there when you need to attend to some other urgent tasks but don’t make that an excuse for procrastination or you might end up wasting your day.

– “Make time for social interaction. Don’t become an island” Routine interaction with people is necessary to stay sane. Take out time for interaction with your loved ones. Ditch chats, pick that phone and talk or even better, go out with them.

– “Your PC and bed should have separate rooms” The bed is the embodiment of complete comfort and is meant to invite you to sleep. Ditch that space and make a tiny office space away from your bed.

Read what other remote workers have to say on this, here.

THIS WEEK: Have a consistent routine, have social interaction, try finishing off work quickly and have a separate space dedicated to just work


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