Badasss- Making Users Awesome is one of those light reads that you’ll quickly be done with, but have a lot of takeaways at the same time.

Written mostly in an “image accompanied by a short paragraph”, it is bound to keep you engaged.

Sierra says that skill and strategy trump over chance any day. PR stunts and short term fads are not what one should rely on.

And what exactly makes products and services stand out when they’re competing at similar prices with similar features? It depends on their users.

Sierra’s sole focus of this book is on how to create successful users of your product or service. The strategies she offers are simple techniques that don’t need a massive marketing budget. Creating deep, rich experiences for users matters.

For instance, don’t tell users which camera to buy, show them how to be a great photographer. We highly recommend this read to everyone. There are key insights to be learned here.

THIS WEEK: Finish Kathy Sierra’s book “Badass” to see what it takes to launch a successful product


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