Let’s face it, age and metabolism are not kind to you after a point. As you age, your metabolism starts failing you.

Almost always, there comes a point in life when we all start becoming calorie conscious and who doesn’t want to try all kinds of hacks to keep that in check!

A neat trick is to try and think of the calories you wish to consume per day as the budget you have for the day.

Let’s say you are limiting yourself to 1200 calories today, that’s $1200. Now you could waste a hefty portion of it on a donut OR you could have multiple, nutritionally well rounded eatables in the same amount.

And if you are fond of eating, another perk you should know is that you can eat much bigger meals if you avoid junk food. Needless to say, your energy would be more sustained through the day when you feed your body with essential nutrients.

THIS WEEK: Count the calories you consume the way you track your expenses

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